How many states do you cover?

We provide national retail coverage in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. As a national service provider, we can customize specific retailer or geographic coverage to meet your needs. We have a joint venture for coverage in Canada.

Can you do product demonstrations and instore marketing events?

Yes, we can provide full service in-store demonstrations. Our product sampling and event division is a separate business unit from the InStore retail service group. By using our demonstrators (or in-store sampling), we are able to have an immediately positive impact on your sales both during and post the demonstration period. Our InStore demonstrations are perfectly suited to drive sales of your products, new product innovations and any other merchandise that can benefit from allowing consumers to touch, look and/or taste before a purchase is made.

What retail channels do you provide coverage to?

Grocery • Convenience • Dollar • Drug • Mass • DIY Home Centers • Consumer Electronics • Walmart and Target Teams • Specialty

We also have the syndicated coverage division which is retailer specific each month.

How much lead time do you need for a retail execution?

The optimal lead time is 4 weeks. This gives us time to identify the project requirements, communicate them to our associates, and to meet all of the requirements needed for an excellent result. Depending upon the assignment, we can reduce the lead time to meet expectations within 2 to 3 weeks. Shorter lead times may require rush services and could result in potentially incremental fees.

How many retail service people do you have ?

We have slightly over 4,200 vendor associates throughout the United States. We deploy them based on the retail skill sets required. Each of our vendor associates are self-starters with a strong bias for action. They all possess a high sense of urgency; strong drive and passion to win. They pay attention to the details. We seek vendor associates who have self-confidence and have the ability to influence key decision makers at the store level. At this time, we do not have tool belt type associates. We will gradually add this skill set as we grow over time.

Do you have a warehouse with shipping and receiving service?

We have our own warehouse that provides full shipping and receiving services to provide greater retail compliance to meet our customer’s needs. We are able to deliver to each retail location or InStore associate all of the promotional elements need for your program to assure 100% in store execution. We currently offer the following services: Shipping and Receiving of Retail Materials, Pick & pack Shipping Services, Inventory Management, Order Picking, Parts Assembly, Just in Time (JIT) Parts Deliver, & Kit Packing.


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