Leveraging Technology to Deliver Superior Retail Execution


When it comes collecting store level data, we challenge you to find anyone who does it better. We have been pioneers and are forward-thinking within the retail technology reporting arena.  Our store level data collection software will be the life blood of your business intelligence.

We deploy proprietary workforce management software to “track and trace” our store by store execution. Our award winning “track and trace” software accurately measures the impact of your execution. It brings together our merchandiser’s daily performance and measures each store execution with photos to support each store visit.  Our ability to collect, store and analyze your retail data will become one of your most important assets.

Our mobile application provides location accuracy, photo capture and real-time results.  It has compatibility with Iphone, Ipad, Andriod Phones & Tablets, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and iOS Safari.


“In today’s fiercely competitive world, proof of execution and collection of store level data is one of the most reliable ways to grow our customers’ business”


– Tom Palombo / Founder

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