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The InStore Group, headquartered in Charlotte, NC is one of America’s leading nationwide retail merchandising advisory organizations. We provide our InStore services to leading consumer packaged companies and retailers in every major channel.

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“It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it”


– Tom Palombo / Founder

Proven Experience in Every Major Retail Channel

Retailers and manufacturers across all channels of the retail industry partner with The InStore Group. They’ll testify when you work with InStore, you’ll be working with people who are experienced, reliable, knowledgeable and passionate about being the industry’s leading retail service organization—in any channel and in all 50 states. Our nationwide services are designed to drive customer satisfaction and bring out the very best in any retail environment.


Skilled Work Force & Comprehensive Recruiting

The InStore Group offers, at every level of our organization, skilled and talented individuals for everything from retail merchandising, to inventory correction, to order entry and even event marketing.  We match the right individual to every customer retail assignment — creating better business results for you.   We also possess our own secure full service warehouse, kitting and fulfillment center, to support your retail program compliance.

InStore Reporting Technologies

The InStore Group has always been at the forefront of utilizing retail reporting technology and data analytics to improve store level execution and provide store level insights for our customers.  InStore Reporter™, our online reporting software delivers store level intelligence from every store that is essential in today’s market.  Our store level data collection goal is to enable our clients to build a competitive advantage.

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